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Motta Camastra (ME)

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Feste February 3 - Feast of San Biagio May 1 - Feast of San Giuseppe Penultimate Sunday of August - Feast of the S.S. Maria di Montalto Second last Monday of August - Feast of San Michele Arcangelo First week of October - Walnut Festival

The name Motta Camastra comes from Mot (hospitium) and Kamastart (name of a Phoenician God). The territory has Phoenician roots and was also under Greek-Roman and Arab-Norman rule.

The Camastra hamlet, dating back from the late twelfth century., has been owned, in the mid-fourteenth century, by the Admiral Ruggero di Lauria, lord of many of Sicilian grounds.

In 1398 the possession was donated to Garcia Perez from Liquid and then to Peter Axone. During the XV century, for some time, it was part of the Royal State Property, under the rule of the Messina Senate, returning again in the hands of the Axone. Over the centuries it has been the property of other feudal families such as Sardo in 1453, the Romeo in 1629, the Marzano and the Branciforte in 1760, until the abolition of feudalism in 1812.

Among the historical events we should remember the battle of June 20th, 1719, fought in Francavilla di Sicilia between the Spanish and Austrians, when Motta Camastra was used as headquarters and where the Austrian commander Ferdinand Charles Count of Wolqk Enstein has been burried.