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Giardini Naxos (ME)

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Feste September 8 - Santa Maria Raccomandata

Prodotti tipici Wine, rosolio, typical sweets

Naxos was the very first Greek colony in Sicily and one of the most important centres on Magna Grecia, so important to have its own money coined. It has been allied to Athens and homeland of the legendary boxer Tysandros who in 572 B.C. won the Hellenic 52nd Olympics, and won again in the three following editions, which in those times also had place every four years.

Today Naxos Archaeological Park is 10 hectares wide and has got a Museum.

Among the ruins are innumerable old kilns, firing chambers for clay tools, clay so abundant in those hills: that so famous ceramics which goes through much Naxos history, from archaic to byzantine times.

For some decades Naxos inhabitants, once employed in fishing, agriculture and crafts, have been living on tourism, thanks to the mild climate the stunning bay so charming for tourists all year round.