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Gaggi (ME)

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Feste 20 January - San Sebastiano

Prodotti tipici Bread, oil, wine, cheese.

Gaggi has got a very ancient and complicated history. Until 1939 its name was Kaggi, result of its Muslim origin. This name comes actually from Hagg, the Arab for "pilgrim", changed to Scaggi in Norman times and later again in Kaggi. Founded by Saracens in IX century, in Norman times it has been donated from Ruggero II to Savoca’s Monastery.

It has been a Taormina hamlet until 1639 and later a rich families’ feud: the Barriles’, the Branciforte of Scordia Princes’ and De Spuches Marquees’ until 1760. Its 2730 inhabitants are called “gaggesi”.

In Borough Cavallaro, on the top of the main hamlet, are the most important monuments: Baronial Palace’s double-ramp staircase , dating back to XVI, and the Church of Maria Santissima Annunziata.

A curio: Caggegi or Caggeggi, a quite typical Sicilian last name, is from this area and comes from the Arab Haggiag, whose meaning is "Mecca Pilgrim".