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Volcano Mojo

Route Sheet

Regional Park of Alcantara.

Tipology On foot

Departure Mojo Alcantara

Difficulty Intermediate

Length 1,201 km

Altitude 700 mt s.l.m.

Difference 120 mt

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Riferimenti cartografici Foglio I.G.M. n. 262 quadrante IV°, orientamento S.O. MALVAGNA - CTR sez. 613090 “PASSOPISCIARO” - CTR sez. 613050 “MALVAGNA”

Services Informative poster signs for information and directions along the way.


The mountain has a height of 150mand a diameter of 700m,positioned at more than 700m above the sea level.

Compared to the lateral craters of Etna, Mojo mountain is positioned outside the volcanic area of Etna, rising from the clay of the Alcantara Valley. Mojo represents an eccentric crater, characterized by the separation from the volcanic channel of Etna, having in common with this latter only the magma basin.

According to the Wolfgang Sartorius von Waltershausen studies in 1880, the lava along the Alcantara river that forms the Gole of Alcantara and extends until the sea,forming the head of Shiso, where the Greek founded Giardini, was the product of one and only massive eruption of the Mojo Mountain.
Studies during the 1980s uncovered the fact that the lava was the product of at least 3 eruptions from craters positioned more northwards, on the oriental side of Etna, near Randazzo. Petrographical anlysis undertaken in the proximity of the Mojo Mountain, reveal that this specific volcanic center has produced, from a historical point of view, few lava streams and a high quantity of other expelled particles.