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Trail Larderia or Alcantara Gorges

Route Sheet

Regional Parc of Alcantara, Site of community importance (S.I.C) called “Natural reserve of the Alcantara river”, with the following site code I.T.A. n. 030036.

Tipology On foot

Departure Motta Camastra

Difficulty Intermediate

Length 156 mt

Altitude 210 mt s.l.m.

Difference 40 mt

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Riferimenti cartografici Page I.G.M. n. 262 quadrant IV°, positioning S.E. CASTIGLIONE DI SICILIA - CTR section. 613110 “GAGGI”

Services Equipped areas for visitor stops, informative poster signs for information and directions along the way. Info point Town of Motta Camastra.


Basalt walls, formed in prehistoric and proto-historic age, high up to 25 meters wide and up to 4-5 meters form a natural canyon where flows the river Alcantara shaping the typical Alcantara Gorges or Larderia.

Unlike what you think the formation of the canyon is not dependent erosion of thousands of years water but by large seismic events that have literally split in two the old basaltic formation lakes thus allowing the water to penetrate inside.

The walls have particular formations that form dense and characteristic textures. The visit of the Gorges is recommended in the period between May and September because the water is shallow.