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Montagna Grande

Route Sheet

Path Network “ Montagna Grande – Mongivacche – Cassanita - Pandolfo”

Tipology On foot

Departure Motta Camastra

Difficulty Challenging

Length Stretch 1 Motta Camastra - Vetta M. Grande: 13,4 km Stretch 2 M. Grande - Cassanita: 5,3 km Stretch 3 M. Grande - M. Mongivacche: 2,2 km Stretch 4 M. Grande - Pandolfo lunghezza km 4,2 km

Altitude 1374 mt s.l.m.

Difference 900 mt

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Riferimenti cartografici Ricade nei Fogli I.G.M.: n. 262 quadrante IV° orientamento N.E. tavoletta Rocca Novara; n. 262 quadrante I° orientamento N.O. tavoletta Limina; n. 262 quadrante IV° orientamento S.E. tavoletta Castiglione di Sicilia e n. 262 quadrante I orientamento S.O. Taormina, nonché nel C.T.R. sez. n. 613070 e 613110 con esposizione prevalentemente a Nord-Ovest. Il fondo sito in località “Montagna Grande - Mongivacche”, ricade in parte all'interno del Sito di Importanza Comunitaria (S.I.C.) denominato “Torrente San Cataldo” avente codice sito I.T.A. n. 030021 ed in parte nel sito (S.I.C.) denominato “Tratto montano del bacino della Fiumara di Agrò” codice sito I.T.A. n .030019.

Services N° 6 equipped area for the parking of users equipped with tables and benches, N° 4 forest huts, vantage point located on top of M.Grande, highest peak of the Peloritani 1375 meters above sea level and M. Mongivacche, informative signage and directional along the way.


Montagna Grande is the highest peak of the Peloritani mountains (m. 1374), forming a bucolic landscape. The vegetation is dense and blooming, with oak, local oak (roverella), holm oak, pine, elm and the famous plane trees praized by Pietro Bembo.

It is also home to the Bonelli eagle and to other birds of pray among which: the buzzard, various species of hawks; in the silence of the night echoes the shrill sound of the barn owl. The local fauna includes various species of animals, among which: the porcupine, the wild boar, the hare, the marten, the wild cat and the dormouse.

The panoramic view from “Pizo Cumma” is unique and inebriating, as the human eye can see in only one gaze the Messina Strait, the peak of Calabria and the tirrenical coast with the sea. The tired traveler can stop to have a break at the forestal hut and if properly equipped, he can enjoy a modest meal based on typical products such as: various meats and cheese, mushrooms and vegetables of the arealike the tarassaco (noble medical herb that purifies the blood system and keeps colesterol levels down).

Finally, the main typical agricultural product of the community is the nut.

The nut of Motta Camastra is known for its nutritive and organoleptic properties. Studies undertaken by the laboratory of the Organic Chemics Department of Messina University acknowledge the fact that the Motta Camastra nut can contain quanities of selenium that are hundred times higher than other nut species from Sorrento, Trento and California. For this reason in October of each yearis celebratedthe festival (sagra) of the Nut: a local festival enriched by folk events and by tasting of typical local products based on nuts as main ingredient.