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Graniti Pine Forest

Route Sheet

Hydrogeological constraint - Wooded

Tipology On foot

Departure Graniti

Difficulty Intermediate

Length 1.960 km

Altitude 685 mt

Difference 200 mt

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Riferimenti cartografici Page I.G.M. n. 261 quadrant I°, positioning S.O. TAORMINA - CTR section. 613110 “GAGGI”

Services Equipped areas for visitor stops, informative poster signs for information and directions along the way.


In the 1880s, a major landslide of Pietra del Corvo mountain, ended up on the periperical area of Graniti village. It was during this period that it was decided to afforest the mountain with species of domestical pine (Pinus pinea), marittime pine (Pinus pinaster) and Aleppo Pine (Pinus halepensis), forming the Graniti Pine Forest which was completed in 1890.

The forest extends over an area of 34 hectares, and is since 1950 the property of the Graniti Municipality, serving as an urban parc.