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The Banks of River Alcantara

Route Sheet

Regional Park of Alcantara, Site of community importance (S.I.C.),called “Natural Reserve Of the Alcantara River” with the following site code I.T.A. n. 030036.

Tipology On foot

Departure Graniti

Difficulty Easy

Length 270 mt

Altitude 90 mt s.l.m.

Difference 10 mt

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Riferimenti cartografici Page I.G.M. n. 261 quadrant I°, positioningS.O. TAORMINA - CTR section. 613110“GAGGI”

Services equipped areas for visitor stops, informative poster signs for information and directions along the way. The following institutions have contributed to the accessibility of the "Le Rive dell'Alcantara" pathway by blind and partially sighted people: Parco Fluviale dell'Alcantara, i Lyons Circoscrizione di Taormina, Giardini, Valle Alcantara, l'Unione Italiana Ciechi sezione provinciale di Messina, Centro Regionale Helen Keller di Messina and Stamperia Regionale Braille. The tactile itinerary developed through vectorial systems, that is 150meters long, leads across the Alcantara River. This is an initiative of cultural and social promotion, targeting integration and elimination of bareers in order to enable a better accessibility of the landscape, a prodigious place of amazement with superb spins of birds, solitary heights and sweet hills, mild slopes that slowly faint in a graceful game of lines and shapes, as the gaze reaches the sea.


The pathway is positioned halfwaythe itinerary of the Alcantara Valley, on the territory of Graniti Municipality, characterized by a flat agricultural landscape, that is found in the final part of the river crossing, that wears away towards the outlet of the Ionian Sea.

The landscape consists mainly in agricultural land planted with oranges, lemons and mandarines and interchanging with olives and wineyards. The territories are typical of the area, due to the presence of the river that has made it possible to water the area during summer time.

The part of the river, running along the pathway of the Alcantara shore, is characterized by a wide surface of the flowing bed, depicting the characteristic river vegetation, marked by the presence of big poplars and willows and typical shrub-like vegetation of cane and mediterranean plants. It builds a shelter for the nesting of water birds like herons or egrets which can be admired along the way.