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Alcantara terraces

Route Sheet

Regional Parc of Alcantara, Site of community importance (S.I.C) called “Natural reserve of the Alcantara river”, with the following site code I.T.A. n. 030036.

Tipology On foot

Departure Castiglione di Sicilia

Difficulty Intermediate

Length 4,108 km

Altitude 230 mt

Difference 100 mt

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Riferimenti cartografici Page I.G.M. n. 262 quadrant IV°, positioning S.E. CASTIGLIONE DI SICILIA - CTR section. 613100 “CASTIGLIONE DI SICILIA” - CTR section. 613110 “GAGGI ”

Services Equipped areas for visitor stops, informative poster signs for information and directions along the way.


The pathway develops entirely on the territory that is exposed facing the Alcantara river, along the area with the famous canyons (Gole dell’Alcantara), which are one of the most beautiful spots of the entire area of the Alcantara Valley.

Starting with the Mitologio Bridge and graduallygoing upwards, one immerges into a territory largely planted with gardens of lemons, oranges, mandarines, olives and nuts, existing due to the presence of irrigation systems fedby the river.

One crosses mountain areas of the Sorbers street and connected areas along the river, depicting the typical fluvial vegetation consisting in species of poplars, willows, elms, tamarisks, oleanders and brooms. At half the pathway, it is possible to admire,from a series of overhang terraces over the river, the lava canyon at its deepest point, which builds up one of the most spectacular landscapes of this kind.

The itinerary crosses also some small villages belonging to the Municipality of Castiglione di Sicilia and a hydroelectric power plant of Enel and offers the possibility to cross the river over the bridge built at the sluice of the power plant and to reach the Messina slope where Motta Camastra is positioned.Along the river, it is possible to admire the rich local and migratory avifauna that comprises species of: white and grey heron, Martin pescatore, Piro-piro, egrets and snipes, bluetits and great tits and blackbirds.